Books for Review

Book Reviews are welcome as part of Oraxiom's commitment to the furthered interest in non-philosophical theory and practice. Our book review policy is split into two instances, for reviewers and for publishers and/or authors.


Information for reviewers:

Please review our style, submission, and review guidelines prior to submitting a document to our editorial office. When you are ready, please send a single file containing the following information:

- a short description or abstract containing the information of the book you are planning on reviewing (no more than 500 words)

- a short narrative biography (no more than 200 words)

- list of relevant publications

- a brief statement of intent regarding the choice of book for the review (2-3 sentences)


Information for publishers and/or authors:

Oraxiom accepts offers from authors and publishers to review books within our journal. In the instance we list your title as part of our list of books to be reviewed, please do not send the editorial office a reviewer’s copy. Instead, we will connect the publisher and/or author with an approved reviewer to arrange the direct shipping of a reviewer’s copy to the reviewer.

If a book is not listed that is deemed relevant to both the journal and the current issue’s theme, please contact the editorial office directly.