Another Beginning of Philosophy Is Possible

Towards a Democratic and Disruptive History of Systems of Thought

  • Sven Läwen University of Paris-Saclay
Keywords: generic quantum, non-commutative ontology, spectra variability, democracy of thought, radical freedom


As an analytic prolongation of Laruelle’s particulate and democratic picture of philosophy, non-commutative ontology treats philosophical variables, whether continuous or discrete, on an equal footing. Lined up with a spectral paradigm, the notion of variability gives rise to certain indeterminacies with regard not only to the future but also to the past. Therefore, by radicalizing freedom within a democratic and disruptive history of systems of thought another beginning of philosophy is possible.

Author Biography

Sven Läwen, University of Paris-Saclay

Sven Läwen is the author of a work entitled Subtropical Philosophy: Homological Ontology in Characteristic One (PhD thesis, Kingston University, London, 2019) and two recent articles titled "Philosophie tropicale. Analyse idempotente de la matrice générique" (in John Ó Maoilearca et al., eds., La philosophie non-standard de François Laruelle, Paris: Classiques Garnier, 2019) and "L’ontologie non-commutative et la variabilité spectrale" (in Philo-Fictions. La revue des non-philosophies, n°5, “Énergie, un sort à défendre”, 2020). He teaches philosophical courses, e.g. on "Critical theory and democracy of thought" or "Intellectuals and power," at the University of Paris-Saclay (since spring 2016).

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