Who Are Minorities, and How Are We to Think Them?

  • François Laruelle Paris Nanterre University
  • Taylor Adkins Independent Researcher and Translator
Keywords: minorities, political philosophy, authorities, the State, difference, identity


Laruelle’s essay from 1987 strives to scientifically describe the individual experience of minorities distinguished from the State’s point of view, including political philosophy. This essay pairs well with Laruelle’s texts written around this time, including Le principe de minorité (Paris: Éditions Aubier, 1982), A Biography of Ordinary Man: On Authorities and Minorities (Paris: Éditions Aubier, 1985; trans. Jessie Hock and Alex Dubilet, Cambridge: Polity, 2017), and Philosophies of Difference: A Critical Introduction to Non-Philosophy (Paris: PUF, 1986; trans. Rocco Gangle, London: Bloomsbury, 2010).

Author Biographies

François Laruelle, Paris Nanterre University

François Laruelle is professor emeritus at Université de Paris X-Nanterre and progenitor of non-philosophy and non-standard philosophy. Author of over 25 texts, Laruelle is also a co-founder of Organisation Non-Philosophique Internationale (ONPhI). His latest works are Philosophie non-standard. Générique, quantique, philo-fiction (Paris: Kimé, 2010) (where the portmanteau Oraxiom was created) and Tétralogos, un opéra de philosophies (Paris: Cerf, 2019). François Laruelle’s cogito is not only philosophical, but also philo-musical. For this purpose, he articulates philosophy with other disciplines, in particular quantum, which replaces natural objects with states and operators. Using these operators and the generic, Laruelle constructs a technique of ascent from the world to the universe, then a long descent towards humans, distinct from philosophical subjects. Forthcoming: Le nouvel esprit technologique (Paris: Les Belles Lettres, collection “l’Ane d’or”).

Taylor Adkins, Independent Researcher and Translator

Taylor Adkins is an independent scholar and translator of contemporary French philosophy.

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